Location & Route access:

Geographical Situation :   REGION CHARTREUSE     Altitude: 790m
Card Michelin :   333      PU:H5

The hamlet of Michallière is distant of 3 km of the village of MIRIBEL LES ECHELLES

where you will find trade: bakery, grocery, restaurant "les 3 Biches", hairdresser..

As well as doctor, nurses..

The railway station SNCF belongs to Voiron 17 km.

If you arrive by Lyons, to take exit Voiron, then cente city Voiron, then direction Chambéry, 5 km after Voiron, in St-Etienne-de-Crossey, to turn direction Miribel-Les-Echelles to the left be able to the right.

9 km farther, in the village of Miribel, to take direction St-Geoire-En-Valdaine.

2 km after Miribel. small road on right with placard « Way of the Mountain » and logo Shelters: to continue another 1 km in this direction and you are, in n ° 875 there.

By arriving by Grenoble, to come to Voiron.

If you arrive by Chambéry, head for Ladders - Entre-deux-Guiers, then, from there, direction Miribel etc...